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About J.M. Preston

Let's Get Aquainted

John Preston is an Australian Self-Empowering, Inspirational, Motivational Poet who was born in Narrandera N.S.W Australia. John has been writing for 20 years and has self published The John Preston Poetry Collection which currently consist of 7 books. Earlier this year John published his latest book titled Moments In Poetic which is a collection of short verses which explore the different moments in life we encounter. This can be purchased on the home page clicking the 'Buy Moments In Poetic Button'.

 Johns aim is to bring self-empowering verses to peoples lives in their darkest moments.

John writes with a refreshing style of verse which people have come to love labelling him as ' A Brilliant Writer Of Modern Times'  Follow John today on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using his social media links at the bottom of this web page.

        Isn't About Time You Discovered The Poet In You?